Tank Panels

american indian style beadwork designed basically for a harley shovelhead/evo dash;  because of different styles and size tanks this panel can fit many applications. individual beadwork dimensions will be listed below. this panel could be modified or taken apart and attached to a different bibb or elsewhere. the beadwork is securely attached to boot leather backing. it has a nice handstitched border to prevent curl. the leather is again backed by felt to protect the gas tank. a buckle strap is included to fix the bottom to the frame. the top tucks under the dash.  this panel may need adjustment to fit and buyer accepts this. only a variety of a dozen panels were made, this is a one-of-kind item and . no returns if inner package opened.

yellow      redd             
 yellow diamond 3x10                   red diamond 2.5x8

tri-diamond 2.5x8          
yells    copper
yellow snake 2.5x7        copper w/fringe 2.5x8

hen    redp
henderson 2.5x8.5        red  3x10

yellow 2.5x8.5                    

yellow arrow 2.5x9