address signs -inquiries welcome

 made to fit your reflectors.

 $35 /pair

caliper inserts are a must!  $25 /pair

or $15 each -any size 1 3/8   1 1/2   17/8



NEW FOR 2013

Twin Cam Brake Caliper Inserts 

1/32" thick, but light -$15 ea.

1/16" showbike or boat anchor special -$22 ea.

use sticky tape or high temp silicone to attach

not supplied

Did you see the small dome buttons for fenders or bolts? forget em

I can do all kinds of different small sizes. 

in  copper too 


another batter box? not likely

polished brass washers in  5/163/8 
$1 ea.  



new item:



  1) derby & inspection cover screw- 1/4 x 1/2  beveled flathead  w/washer $1.00 ea. 

  2) derby & inspection cover screw- 1/4 x 3/4 roundhead "stack" with nut. $1.75 ea.

  3) derby & inspection cover screw- 1/4 x 1/2 roundhead w/washer $1.40 ea.

  4) point cover screw 8 x 1/2 roundhead "stack" w/nut $1.20 ea.

  5) point cover screw 8 x 3/8 roundhead w/washer $.80 ea.

  6) point cover screw 8 x 3/8 beveled flathead w/washer $.80 ea. (not pictured) 

all screws get a pass on the buffer before shipping!



the flame washer
well this only takes 4 hours to make.
I put them flat on my struts. -SOLD OUT

this took 8 hours!
just dont ask me to do another.


I didn't make this beautiful riser cap
but I just got to show it off.
It was done by  Lunatic in S.D.
He is a "picky bastich" in his own words,
and when you get something from him in an old sock
it will be prized for sure,
and you must agree to the condition
that it will NOT be sold.