The Iron Cross

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The Iron Cross Point Cover

Handmade from 1/16" solid brass , this classic design is produced
by a process called acid-etching.
carefully crafted, yet no two are ever exactly alike.
Brass will protect your ignition from magnetism
what more could you want?

how about pick of the litter?

i can send photos, discuss artistic details

free shipping USA with point covers



the last of these handmade beauties were etched extra deep 
 the background left rough 

to display a variety of  spectacular colors and rippled effects left behind by the acid/metal alchemy 

only a couple left


shovelcat                 full

The Iron Cross Derby 

twin cam

pol    mat  

dsc               derp


shovelheads and evolutions

 4   berby 



unlike chrome, Brass will not peel, rust or flake

your cover will be custom made,

this cover is flat, a dome isa photo illusion

the work involved to make just  1

takes all day. 

The Iron Cross Inspection Cover

if it looks like this it will fit. 
the more you rub it
the better it feels




all muddyshoes products are guaranteed to fit. 

Special Effects        


shovelcore coppertwin

Copper Core Treatment 

                                                                             1813 1c                           19141914                                                                                                                                                       

the iron cross symbol evokes strong reactions in people.

some just cant get past its association with Nazi Germany:

Militarily, it has been awarded for bravery.
Religiously, it was used to signify faith.
The American Indians used it long before in many forms
representing the four winds or the forces directing ones' fate.
The celts are responsible for creating
the design here.
to me, the iron cross represents the souls search for meaning.