the muddyshoes experience


the song list as it goes:

where did the pipe go?
cant get that stuff no more
anna number
 romp (around the block)
hwy 109
 don't tell nobody
used to do
kicking D around
stump blues
false start


  some people put em out like stale biscuits. this was my very first finished recording. it is as good as i can do after more than 40 yrs of string slingin madness. where DID the pipe go? i think you know right now whether you will like this one or not. but what does it really mean? 

           this song could be the next anthem ...anathema to the system that denies us             

  kicking D Around is an instrumental that will get "yer toes tapping"  or whatever it is   that excites your molecules. everyone of you; young/old, neither race, sex nor obstatacle (except deafness) excluded.  

credit for both drum tracks and the invaluable technical advice that got these recordings underway is due to Bob Korver. It never wood have happened asit did without this BOB! an that sidekick of yours; bobby jr.

warning/disclaimer; this is cd format and will not work on record players. 


you cant get that stuff no more is an old prohibition tune reworked into todays circumstance with a country sound; completed with banjo, mandolin and lap steel guitar. an audience favorite, but they never heard it this way! ian pearson on drums.

anna number also arrived 2010. life will never be the same.

romp (around the block) a  wonderful segment re-mastered off lucky 13

pearl and hwy 109 pure blues. ian pearson on drums

dont tell nodody is an outlaws song with a ripping slide guitar and you were in on the deal. 

used to do new in 2011. a very contemporary message, and infectuousness! ian pearson on drums, jarred rowe on chorus vocal

stump blues also from lucky 13 with new vocal

false start an archive gem, misfire and a broken string.



is now official. This is just the start

1) Diode

2) Blue4U           classic muddy

3) Wicked Spell      instrumental for now but might get lyrics

4) Mossyrock              get on the bike and ride.  muddy on the drums!

5) All-weather Blues      tribute for BB 

6) The Winding                  hmmmmmm

7) Dragonfly                           old instrumental

thanks to Pete Ross -drums   trks 1- 2- 4 -5 -6



into the dustbin of time..... labels are nasty things!

  lucky13 is my first copyrighted demo recording;  representing my lifes work, the source of some of these songs go back a  long ways.  im pleased to say that finishing it first was not practical or possible   . .... still incomplete with drum machine tracks and frayed ends; a gem in the rough. 

  to note: a very special event took place doing this record. double tracking guitar parts! it changed everything. a whole new dimension opened up for me. i was the kid in the candy shop. i cannot reproduce these songs live. there are a couple things i may not even be able to play again!  it IS the kernel of evolution! you will find  different versions of  -where did the pipe go,  kicking D around and dont tell nobody.  empty room  tells a story. empty room was a turning point in my music and sources back to the early 90s. if not for that song i might as well have tossed it in.  drinkin whiskey and red dress are the oldest, tracing roots to the early seventies. stump blues is / was latest.

cds now available!

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The Box Set -$30 -delivered free! *ONLY SOLD DIRECT* 4 cds! muddyshoes, ADDENDUM, lucky 13, live at the empty room (a jam packed 70 minutes of  live recording; mix of originals and rock classics from a drinkin, cussin, having fun party at new years 2003.)     and a DVD!  (maybe not the DVD.. it seems we lost the program that created it)  .... need i say more?  yep, you get it all!  


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